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It is necessary for a student to assess a given article and provide a meaningful discussion on it’s content. Hence, critical analysis papers are there in the curriculum. However, writing these is often not that simple a task. The purpose of these papers is to single out a specific topic from the provided article and give an analysis on it. It is advised for a student to follow the formal methods of writing critical analysis papers as given by books and other sources.

How to Write Critical Analysis?

A vast array of articles, i.e research reports are written and published on a daily basis on a variety of topics by means of primary and/or secondary research. Critical Analysis revolves around the evaluation certain aspects of these articles such as the conclusion or information. It is a piece of content that further enhances the meaning of the original document. Students opt for the most suitable critical analysis approach for their topic.

While writing a critical analysis, it is key to use headings to cover different aspects of the sub-topic assigned. For instance, if the student is covering the introduction of an article, he or she may cover the background, history, and even information about the original author. A literature review must reflect on previous studies and valid methodology. The derived ideas are expected to be objective and conceptually linked. Lastly, the conclusion should reference and sum up the objectives and provide advice for further articles.

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