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Almost all study levels require students to write dissertations during their academic life. It can be tricky completing this type of assignment as proper planning is vital. The student must be vigilant while choosing the title of the research and then submitting it for checking. The student should be aware of the research methodology and critical analysis of the existing findings and literature. Dissertations share traits with research papers and research reports. The writer should focus on following these steps to score high.

How to Write Dissertations?

Writing a dissertation can be tedious. A student gets a lot of new thoughts by this type of assignment. However, here are some instructions a student should keep in mind while writing a dissertation paper. The structure of the dissertation paper is different from other academic papers. The dissertation includes acknowledgement statement, content page, reference list, and list of keywords. The whole paper is divided into 5 or 6 chapters including introduction, methodology, literature review, discussion and findings, and conclusion. Each chapter has a diverse link to the website.

While writing, the student should try to gather information from various sources to have a different point of view. Moreover, a dissertation first requires a conceptual framework and then a personal statement. The student learns a lot while writing the dissertation paper. To write the dissertation paper in a better way, the student should regularly practice personal statement writing. Samples of dissertation writing are available on our website.

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